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Watching Dads in Xmas Ads

2017-11-03.pngAs the first big Christmas adverts hit our screens, PROF DAVID MARSHALL hopes for more nuanced portrayals of fathers at the heart of the home.

It’s that time of year again. Barely have the Halloween bonfire embers faded before our screens herald the first of 2017's big-hitting festive supermarket ads.

This year Asda and Argos have pipped John Lewis - traditionally the first of the seasonal crop - to unveil their creations, due to air this weekend. So what do they say - if anything - about fathers or father-figures?

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Dad-friendly Schools Resources Launched!

Massageclose.jpgHow do you make a school father-inclusive? Help is at hand with new resources from our pioneering Scottish pilot study. 

LOOKING out over a hall packed full of delighted dads getting back rubs from their children, Alison Cameron knew she was at a mountain top moment in her teaching career.

“You could actually feel the love in the room,” remembers the acting headteacher of Prestonpans Infant School, who coached the children in their carefully rehearsed Father’s Day gift. “When the children went back to their classrooms, the amount of male carers who came up to me and said thankyou for that!”

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New Project: Ask Dad

Mark_Hunter.jpgThe Ask Dad project will help Scottish dads to respond better to their children's health queries by running workshops and information sharing sessions addressing risk-taking and health and wellbeing. MARK HUNTER explains.

Hello! I am Mark, the new(ish) Ask Dad Project Officer and this is my first ever blog for Fast Forward, the national health and well-being charity working with Young People. 

Having previously enjoyed 13 years as a Youth Worker at the Pilton Youth and Children’s Project, I was delighted to take on a new challenge and join the team at Fast Forward at the beginning of May to work on the development of a brand new project called Ask Dad. 

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How Separated Parents can #DadUp

FNFS_BPM_LOGO_-_SQUARE_AT_28JUN17.png“What do you want time off for? You’re divorced aren’t you?” With assumptions like this still abounding for non-resident parents, FAMILIES NEED FATHERS SCOTLAND explains why our #DadUp initiative can offer crucial support.

Families Need Fathers Scotland enthusiastically supports the #DadUp! initiative.

Most of the concept material has so far focused on encouraging a more expansive recognition by employers of what they can do to assist mothers and fathers in sharing the tasks and pleasures and above all the time that goes with parenting their children in what’s indecorously called ‘intact families’.

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Funding for Dads' projects!

Cattanach.jpgDo you work with dads of young children? Would you like funding to extend your work in that direction? Here’s an exciting opportunity for you or your organisation.

One of the most exciting outcomes of Year of the Dad in 2016 was the Dads Fund set up by the Cattanach Trust to support work with fathers and their young children.

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DadUp your Workplace Survey

DadUp_workplace_survey.jpgDads! Have you made request to your employer to work in a more family-friendly way? Can you spare 5 minutes to complete our online survey? We really want to hear from you.


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Father's Day Survey 2017: What you told us

Childcare.jpgSCOTLAND'S dads want an equal responsibility in caring for their children and are increasingly sharing roles once stereotyped as women’s work, according to Fathers Network Scotland’s dads survey.

Time and again those polled by FNS in our annual Father’s Day research said they need flexibility at work to support their children’s daily activities, and recognition as equal carer givers from services and schools.

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Meet the future of fatherhood

DavidEarlyandJonahb.jpgTo glimpse the future of Scottish fatherhood, take a look at DAVID EARLY. Rejecting outdated gender roles like many in our annual survey, he's pushed hard to “dad up” his work and home life and take an equal responsibility in the nurture of his kids.

DAVID EARLY knows that cultural change can have sharp edges. Determined to be a hands-on dad right from the start, he found himself in an unexpected battle with his employer last year for requesting six weeks of leave around his daughter’s birth.

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How we dreamed up #DadUp

JamesSilvia3.jpgOur new #DadUp campaign came from an idea first pitched in a competition by students at Napier University. JAMES YATES & SILVIA CUTRERA explain how their winning slogan was born…

As MSc Creative Advertising students at Edinburgh Napier University, we’ve been developing our skills and insights this academic year, building a portfolio with creative concepts for advertising campaigns for a range of intriguing briefs, none more so than Fathers Network Scotland.

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Year of the Dad wins Award!

Awards_brighter.jpgWe're delighted to announce that the Year of the Dad campaign has been named as the winner of the PRCA's 2017 Dare Award for the charity/not-for-profit sector.

The prestigious PR and Communications industry prize was announced at a ceremony at Edinburgh's Waldorf Astoria Hotel late last week, awarded jointly to Fathers Network Scotland, and our friends at Smarts Communicate PR and Punk Creative, for a positive and inclusive campaign.

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