We are asking for your help in spreading the kindness. If you have found our information useful, or have benefited from our work, we are asking you to please consider making a donation to our #NeverMoreNeeded fundraising appeal so that we can continue to support other families across Scotland.

  • £5 could help us support a dad through our SMS and WhatsApp groups
  • £10 could help us direct a dad to the support he needs
  • £20 could help us to be share vital information with families across Scotland on our social media and our website
  • £50 could help us campaign for better paternal mental health services and father inclusiveness, ensuring people get the support they need, as soon as they need it.
  • £100 could help us to run our DADx zoom talks to share learning from experts with service providers across Scotland
  • £250 could help us to train 10 service providers in father-inclusive practice

We would be so grateful for your support.