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The story so far - AGM Sept 2016

Year of the Dad dashboardThanks to all those who came along to our AGM this week.

It was great to have the opportunity to share a little of the Year of the Dad story so far, including these inspiring facts and figures - and have the chance to talk about some of the experiences that have touched us along the way.

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David Drysdale's Funeral

Thanks Steve McGintyFollowing the death of our CEO David Drysdale on Monday 4th July, his family have announced that his funeral will be at 4.00 pm on Friday 15th July in the Lorimer Chapel, Warriston Crematorium.

As attendance is expected to be large, please let us know if you're planning to come by visiting our dedicated page on the Year of the Dad site where you can RSVP, read directions and other information about the ceremony David himself helped to plan for his friends and family:

David's death has prompted a deluge of tributes including these obituaries in the Scotsman and Herald, and this article in the Edinburgh Evening News.  

Thankyou to all of you for reaching out with such kindness and warm tributes at this sad time.

David Drysdale has died

David_Headshot.jpgWE are deeply saddened to announce that David Drysdale, the much-loved social entrepreneur who founded Fathers Network Scotland and Year of the Dad, has died, aged 50.

The father of two children - including a baby girl conceived only weeks before he was paralysed by a rare form of cancer – David was a popular and widely-respected campaigner, with a particular passion for men’s personal development and the role of dads in families.

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Join our Board!

YOTD_360x720.jpgDownload this document as PDF

Fathers Network Scotland (FNS) wishes to appoint volunteer members for its non-Executive Board to provide strategic leadership and take the organisation to the next stage of its development. We are in the midst of delivering the Year of the Dad ( in partnership with the Scottish Government and a raft of organisations. This has been a significant and rewarding step up for us as a Board and for our operational team, and we are now planning ahead to ensure sustainability.

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Grandparenting: love across the generations

Ann & her dad in 1953There are many sorts of father-figure - and they can span generations. ANN ROBERTS, co-chair of Fathers Network Scotland, explains how her dad inspired her to conduct new research into the nurturing role of grandparents.


ONE of my fondest childhood memories of my dad is how he would look after us when mum went to the bingo of an evening. He would turn our toy box upside down so that we could find toys we hadn’t played with for a while.

The place would be a bombsite for a while, until dad said: “Right! Mum will be home soon, let’s pack up!” When Mum came through the door, we would have a secret smile on our faces.   

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Year of the Dad launches in Media

Our CEO David Drysdale talks to STVIt’s barely ten days since the launch of Year of the Dad – and already we’ve been delighted by extensive and supportive coverage in print, online and broadcast media.

Clearly this celebration of the difference a great dad can make has struck a chord across the nation.

To read some of the coverage and finish this blog, head over to the Year of the Dad website, where we'll be posting most of our news...

Dad on the Frontline

Dave Deveney

The rigours of active service and long absences can exact a heavy toll on military dads. But FNS Development Manager DAVE DEVENNEY learned that love and nurture weren't dependent on constant proximity...

Imagine working every day in searing 80c heat, where the desert terrain shimmers and the powdery dust kicked up by the wind clogs your eyes and nostrils, making them constantly stream.

Imagine having to carry around 80-100lbs of kit every day at work, every bit of which your life or another’s may depend upon.

Imagine a place where you are never, ever ‘off’ and you know that determined people are eager to see you dead, your next step could trigger a landmine or a snipers bullet can end your life in a heartbeat…

Imagine Helmand Province, in its day, one of the most hostile places on the planet. Imagine trying to be a good dad for the six months you are just trying to survive there. Just imagine.

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Welcome to Year of the Dad 2016

David and his sonWelcome to Year of the Dad 2016! We hope you’ve had a fabulous festive break.

Now 2016 is upon us, and the long-awaited launch approaches. We’re looking forward to working with you in 2016 YEAR OF THE DAD - celebrating the difference a great dad can make!


After some market research and stakeholder consultation, we’ve gained some valuable insight into how to support you in making Year of the Dad a success. Here at HQ we’re only a small team of people and we’re so glad to have you on board! We're busy building a supporters’ pack, but in the meantime, here are three ways you can help:

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Pic: BfN by MJS Ferrier used with permissionIs breastfeeding still a realistic option if mum goes back to work leaving dad in charge? SARAH EDWARDS of the Breastfeeding Network offers expert advice for parents deciding how to split parental leave.

Shared leave brings many advantages and it is great for both mums and dads to spend time getting to know their baby during the first year. Of course, it can also bring challenges and how to balance breastfeeding and shared parental leave can be one of them - especially if you want to continue breastfeeding once mum goes back to work and takes the vital equipment with her!

Here are five things we think it might be helpful for parents to know when they are talking about shared parental leave and breastfeeding... 

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International Men's Day posterAs International Men’s Day rouses both support and controversy, NICK THORPE appeals for men and women to work together for gender equality. 

ISN’T every day already International Men’s Day?

That’s the gist of the criticism levelled by some at today’s attempt to “make a difference for men and boys”. How can you have an awareness-raising day for a group that already wields disproportionate power? It simply reinforces the inequality of women.

It’s an important perspective for anyone who recognises (as FNS does) the historical truth of male privilege in society, but it fails to recognise that the particular problems facing men – higher suicide levels, lower life expectancy, underperformance in school, higher prison population, to name a few – are #biggerissues at least partly because we don’t talk about them.

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