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Want to cater better for the fathers you employ? This is a great place to start.

For Employers

Talks, Training & Workshops 

Fathers Network Scotland provides expert advice on the needs of dads and families, and supports improvements to workplace policy and culture. We also offer a wider range of training, workshops and talks to staff including:

Web_images_600x315b6.jpgUnderstanding Dad in the Workplace - FREE 30 minute talk aimed at staff and managers. Explain why supporting dads in the workplace matters and providing some top tips on small changes that can make a big difference.



Web_images_600x315b4.jpgThe Secret life of Working Dads - This half day workshop provides dads with a playful and safe space to explore the personal and institutional barriers and enablers of balancing work and home commitments.

The Secret Lives of Working Dads


Web_images_600x315b2.jpgWorking Dads Mental Health & Wellbeing - This one hour talk aimed at managers will help you understand why dads mental health is important and provide the tools to recognise and respond to dads struggling with poor mental health in the workplace.

Working Dads Mental Health & Wellbeing


Web_images_600x315b3.jpgBecoming a New Working Dad - This series of three workshops is aimed at supporting first time fathers develop a healthy work-life balance. It will enable them to form a strong relationship with their child and protect their relationship with their partner, whilst engaging effectively at work

Becoming a New Working Dad 

To find out more or book a date, contact our trainer Chris Miezitis: 

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Why Supporting dads in the workplace matters

What society expects a dad to be has changed significantly in the last 50 years. In the 1970s many dads weren’t even at their baby’s births and the average working father spent just five minutes per day with their children.

Increasing diversity and equality throughout society means more and more dads are striving for a better work/life balance. They are demanding more family-friendly working to ensure they stay involved, present parents. A 2019 study of millennial fathers found that nearly a third had changed jobs to improve the work/life balance and a further third were actively looking to change jobs. This change has been catalysed more recently as dads came home in their millions during the pandemic. The unprecedented increase in their childcare time during lockdown (almost double) made dads feel like better fathers and has led more dads than ever to seek out family-friendly working.

Most workplaces have policies to support employees to manage their work and home life. However, outdated gender stereotypes often persist, with the assumption that mum is the principal caregiver, and dad is the principal provider. When fathers want to become more active caregivers this can lead to them encountering difficulties accessing family-friendly policies, or fearing that they will be penalised as a result.

This rapid cultural shift has meant that employers who fail to offer better work/life balance to all parents risk losing or being unable to recruit the best people. In contrast, becoming a truly family-friendly employer supporting both mums and dads will result in a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce.

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