Want to cater better for the fathers you employ? Our resources are a great place to start.

A great dad can make all the difference to children’s wellbeing, confidence and educational attainment. Research overwhelmingly shows that children, families and society as a whole benefits from the positive involvement of fathers or 'The Dad Effect'. By becoming dad-friendly employers means you can also benefit because dads who are supported at work are more engaged and productive.

Become Dad-Friendly

FNS are offer a range of training and consultation for employers. Courses include:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Working Dads and the Impact of Paternal Mental Health

The Secret Lives of Working Dads

To find out why engaging with dads is important, read our research paper, 'Employee Workshops - Increasing Wellbeing and Engagement for New Dads' or contact our Programme Lead Chris Miezitis at [email protected].


Fact Sheets



Case Studies

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