Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Gender equality is a central tenet of our work at Fathers Network Scotland and as such we have a mixed-gender board and leadership team.  We also try to lead by example with the kind of flexible, family-friendly working arrangements we hope will one day become the national norm.

Chris_Miezitis.pngChris Miezitis - Co-Director

Chris has spent over 20 years developing and leading initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for children and family services within the NHS, Local Authority and Third Sectors.

Having spent time with the Early Years Team in Fife Council as part of the Family Nurture Approach, he initiated and led Fife’s Improving Father’s Engagement Partnership, bringing together colleagues from Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, Fife Council and the Third Sector. Together they developed the “Where’s Dad?” training workshop, which now forms the basis of our “Understanding Dad” workforce development programme. 

Most recently, Chris has helped to ensure that paternal mental health is on the agenda within Scotland’s national Perinatal conversation, working closely with the Scottish Government, publishing “Paternal Mental Health: A Call To Action”, and leading our national workforce development initiative within perinatal services.

Cathy_Sexton.pngCathy Sexton – Co-Director

Cathy is a seasoned project manager & communications professional with over 20 years experience. From multi-million pound construction projects, internationally award-winning charity campaigns, blockbuster exhibitions and inspiring events she has led teams in the delivery of creative, intelligent, innovative projects that deliver lasting impact.

After 9 years in the National Museums Scotland exhibitions department her fascination with communication of all kinds led her to set up her own company in 2014. Working with many ambitious and socially innovative clients, she helped them develop communication strategies, campaigns, websites, online learning resources, exhibitions and events. All the while making the most of their valuable resources.

Her journey with Fathers Network began in 2015 when she was bought in to manage the delivery of the Year of the Dad. This coincided with becoming a step mum to two boys, and ignited a passion to help dads’ voices be heard.

Gwen RowlandsGwen Rowland - Fundraising Manager

Gwen believes that our world is on a journey towards ever-greater compassion. In her nine years of development experience and six years of front-line charity work, she has seen that strategically focussing energy on key points in society transforms lives and communities for the better. Themes of her work include equality, good food, regenerative systems and integrity. Her proudest achievement is being one of the founders of Earth in Common which is a charity/social enterprise with a whole systems approach to tackling a broken food system, social inequality and climate change.  Gwen has always worked and volunteered with small charities and community groups, usually with an holistic response to a complex issue, as is the case with Fathers Network Scotland. While the nurturing involvement of all parental figures is crucial for a child's healthy development all too often people who are not the birth mother are not supported in their roles, to the detriment of the whole family and their communities.  Gwen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, with a distinction in their Diploma in Fundraising.

David DrysdaleIN MEMORIAM: David Drysdale - Founder

David was the founder of Fathers Network Scotland, who nurtured it from inception. He died on 4th July 2016 from a rare form of cancer. For more on his remarkable life and achievements, read his obituary.