Fathers Network Scotland / Lìonra nan Athraichean

2020 Survey

Each year Fathers Network Scotland asks families in Scotland about how they're doing. During 2020 we have been living through interesting and often challenging times, so this year we asked dads about their lives during lockdown. You can find our survey results here.

Understanding Dad

Our Understanding Paternal Mental Health project, funded by the Scottish Government, focuses on training those who work with dads and families to consider fathers' mental health and wellbeing. Did you know that about 1 in 10 dads suffer from postnatal depression? Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. So what else can we all do to help?

We're working with schools to encourage more father-inclusive practices, so that fathers are able to get as involved as possible in their children's school lives. We're encouraging employers to offer equal parental leave opportunities to both new mums and dads. We're promoting flexible working to allow fathers to take time to immerse themselves in family life without experiencing negativity in the workplace. We're working with services so that they can become as dad-friendly as possible, and with criminal justice professionals to consider fatherhood within their work.

Our Covid-19 Response

FNS’s work is continuing across Scotland as we respond to increased demand for our support. In response, our projects & team continue to use a variety of innovative methods to maintain contact with our network offering support and resources. 

We are offering online training, a dads' WhatsApp group, a free SMS support service for new parents, a Facebook group and DADx series of talks for dads' and families' workers, along with our directory and sign posting services. We have also developed a new resource for perinatal health professionals to support new dads through lockdown. Find out more here.

Fathers Network Scotland

Who we are

We are a national Scottish charity and a dynamic team with a passion for dads.

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What we do

We work with services across Scotland to support dads' involvement in their children's lives.

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Where we work

We assist the NHS, employers, police, prisons, schools, local authorities & charities.

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How to help

Please raise money for us by taking part in an event or make a donation....

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