Since 2010 we have been collecting, analysing and communicating evidence expressing the needs and concerns of families, fathers and services.


80% of all men become dads, yet surprisingly little research has been done around fatherhood. 

We are continually scanning for new research to ensure we have a robust & compelling evidence base for our work. Where evidence is not available we work to fill the knowledge gaps, conducting our own research and working in partnership with others. 

We share what we learn as widely as possible and regularly invite researchers to talk about their work at our DADx events so professionals can hear first hand from those working in the field.

Dads Voices
For the past 7 years we have carried out annual surveys to find out about the home and working lives of Scottish dads, their mental health & wellbeing and family relationships. Analysing this information helps us to understand emerging trends for families across Scotland. We share what we have learned with dads, practitioners and policy advisors ensuring that dads voices are heard. Below is a link to our latest dads survey results from June 2022.

2023 Dads Survey Results

Research Partnerships 

Over the years we have teamed up with researchers from Scotland and beyond to better understand what fathers and families need and how we can improve father-inclusivity in family services and the workplace.

Web_images_600x315_resesarch3.jpgA prime example is the ‘East Lothian Father-Friendly Schools’ project which ran from 2017-2020. We worked with Prestonpans Infant School, The University of Edinburgh, DadsWork (a local charity supporting dads) and a cluster of other primary schools in East Lothian to understand how to best create a father-inclusive culture in schools.

Find out more about this in-depth and ground-breaking piece of research and access the summary, full report, practical guide and top-tips video by following the link below:

How Dad-Friendly is Your School Research Project

Research Library 

Web_images_600x315_news.jpgOur Knowledge Library has over 100 resources which are free for you to access and download.

The library contains: Research and Facts including Fact Sheets, Research Reports, Case Studies of dads and professionals, How To Guides to help you support & include dads,  Printable Resources including posters and leaflets for you to use and our back catalogue of DADx Talks.

To help you access the information easily we have tagged and catalogued all content. 

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Get Involved

If you are interested in any of the research we have undertaken, if you would like to work in partnership with us or if you would like to share research please do contact us: 

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