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Being a Dad in Prison Pulls No Punches


As the hard-hitting play Being a Dad sees its 15th performance in East Lothian tonight, DAVE DEVENNEY looks back over the past year at its highly-acclaimed prisons tour.

BEING a Dad is a drama reflecting the authentic lived experiences, hopes, fears and challenges faced by many fathers, including offender and disadvantaged young fathers in Scotland today.

So it’s appropriate that it’s 15th performance tonight also celebrates the 15th anniversary of DadsWork, a much-loved East Lothian community project providing support groups, positive parenting classes, workshops on the role of fathers, home visits, trips and outings for fathers and their children.

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Closing the Gender Care Gap

Sam_Pringle_new.jpgAs an influential Commons committee recommends wide-ranging changes to working culture for dads, FNS director SAMANTHA PRINGLE shares the personal cost of leaving things as they are.

RECENTLY I was asked to give a talk about what dads can do to create a more equal and fair society, as part of an International Women’s Day event.

This issue is at the heart of why Fathers Network Scotland exists, why I personally joined the board five years ago and subsequently stepped up to lead the organisation. I want a society where mums and dads share house work and the care of their children – the utopia of a happy home!

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Scottish Parliament group probes lack of dad data

Wheres_the_Daddy_lr.pngPRESS RELEASE: “Data desert on dads” needs urgent review for children’s sake, says a new study. If fathers leave the house after breakup, they also leave the statistics, hears the Scottish Parliament’s new cross-party group on Shared Parenting

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The Scottish Parliament’s first ever cross-party group on Shared Parenting met yesterday (Tues 13th March 2018) to hear evidence that dads are being left out of publicly-funded data collection, leaving potentially harmful gaps in policy around children and families.

Initiated by Ivan McKee MSP, the group at the Scottish Parliament is charged with identifying barriers to full involvement of both parents in the lives of their children from gender stereotyping of services and the custom and practice that assumes that parenting is ‘mothers’ business’.

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Understanding Dad: big impact from small changes

HS_Glenrothes_AM_pic_20-03-2017_HS_Calum_childhug.jpgThe FNS Understanding Dad training is transforming organisations across Scotland as services embrace the win-win from involving fathers. Senior trainer CHRIS MIEZITIS hears how it worked for Janie Tydeman of Home Start, Glenrothes.

“Attending the Understanding Dad training has hugely changed our practice – and in a very good way," says Janie Tydeman, senior family support and volunteer coordinator at Home Start in Glenrothes, Fife.

"A lot of the mums we have worked with have had very negative experiences with men - domestic abuse and so on - which is real and is bad. But I had lost sight of all the positives there are with men being involved with their children."

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JOB: FNS seeks Social Media Manager

dad_up_meme.jpgFathers Network Scotland is looking for a part-time social media manager. Could that be you?

For nearly four years, Fathers Network Scotland has had a solid social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In – and a particular success on our popular YouTube channel. We’re now looking to create a more streamlined and strategic approach to social media to capitalise on the charity’s increased profile following our award-winning Year of the Dad campaign in 2016.

Download full job description as pdf.

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Dads Missing from Data

Wheres_the_Daddy_lr.pngDADS in Scotland are set to feature more prominently in research about families, after a massive new study highlighted how even the most involved fathers are often classed as “non-resident” and their separated partners “single parents”.

“Where’s the Daddy?”, a three-year study funded by the Nuffield Foundation, coincides with a rethink by researchers for the Growing Up In Scotland longitudinal survey, who are keen to capture greater diversity in the lives of modern fathers.

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Are some dads ignored by policies?

IgnoredbyPolicies.jpgIs Shared Parental Leave "maternalistic" by design? And if so, who exactly is being left out? DR EMMA BANISTER and DR HELEN NORMAN examine the need for policy makers to include fathers in family-friendly initiatives.

First published in Manchester Policy Blogs

The benefits of active involvement of fathers in children's lives reach beyond the wellbeing and happiness of children and the family itself, supporting goals of gender equality.

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Dad & Me - project spotlight

Dads_party.jpegIn an update on our Cattanach Trust funded projects, CHRIS MIEZITIS hears how a dads group in Levenmouth, Fife is getting on...

THE dads who attend Fife Gingerbread's Dad & Me project are often grappling with huge personal challenges.

"The work can be quite intense," says Mandy Ferguson, who began her role with Fife Gingerbread as the new Dad & Me Project Coordinator in April 2016. "When I started in post, I thought it would all be child development - but I've since discovered that to help dads to support their child you must first work to remove any barriers to their focus, for example housing, financial and addiction issues." 

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Fair Jobs for Dads!

CashorCarryDec17.pngFathers Network Scotland today backed calls for a complete overhaul of employment law and a well-paid three-month period of “daddy leave” following the publication of a major UK study into fatherhood.

The ground-breaking research review by the Fatherhood Institute, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, found that while fathers are now spending as much time caring for their very young children as mothers were in the 1960s, parenting is still far from gender-equal. The study – ‘Cash or Carry?’ – recommends ‘Fair Jobs for Dads’ to make it easier for fathers, as well as mothers, to care and earn for their families.

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Back to School Dad

Web_Res_HE.jpgSchools are looking to engage parents in their children’s education – and the forward-thinking ones are particularly keen to bring dads in. NICK THORPE reports on a rare opportunity to experience daily life in his son's high school...

WALKING up the steps to my first full school day in 30 years is a nerve-wracking moment. Even in middle age, I can feel a flutter of anxiety as the bell goes, taking me back to the days when life was partitioned into 50-minute chunks.

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