The Summer Dadventure

The Summer Dadventure

On 31st August 2020 Fathers Network Scotland turns 10-years-old. To celebrate our tenth birthday, we're planning 10 big Summer Dadventures, based on the feedback we received from you. Share your snaps of your Indiana Jones escapades on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #TempleOfZoom and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a year's family membership of Historic Scotland.

Download our Summer Dadventure checklist here.

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So what did you tell us about how you're spending time with your children? Survey respondents said they're enjoying:

“Seeing them all growing up, bonding, family time, seeing how their minds work, playing family games, having more conversations.”

“Sitting under oak trees. Watching his teeth grow! Being squirted with water in the bath while he laughs like a maniac.”

“Walking by the sea and woods and having lots of time to do it. Spending time in the house reading, telling stories and making films together, and cooking and baking.”

“Stuff in the garden, looking at birds, insects and flowers.”

“Spontaneous exercise/craft/messing about. Randomly deciding on silliness and not being stuck doing things that can wait, which mean having some real quality moments.”

Download our Summer Dadventure checklist here

Download the Summer Dadventure Digital Toolkit

The Summer Dadventure

1) Make a nature picture

Indiana Jones discovered all kinds of wonderful artefacts during his adventures. Why don’t you make your own nature artOr you could make your own watercolour paints using this recipe from Mamalina.

2) Build a giant fort in your living room

Find as many cushions, pillows, duvets and blankets as you can and build the squishiest, squashiest fort you can. Even better, you can combine this with number 10!

3) Bake some cookies or brownies

Here’s a nice (and healthy!) recipe from My Fussy Eater. For children with allergies, here’s a brilliant recipe from @Daddy_Freckle.

4) Have a dance party

Get your favourite playlist on and bust out your dance moves. Did you know that “Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants” is the second novel in the Indiana Jones series? In it, there's magic and mystery, when Indiana Jones explores the peril-filled caves of Scotland to the savage dance of the giants at Stonehenge. Can you do the giant boogie stomp? Can you even create a magical indoor disco?

5) Go on a summer nature treasure hunt

Here are some ideas for what you might be able to find on your treasure hunt from the Woodland Trust. Use you magical findings to create a wizarding nature wand, with the help of Laura Brand of @thejoyjournal.

6) Go on a family adventure

Get lost in the woods, paddle in a river, climb a hill, roll down the hill, have a picnic, go to the beach. Try going somewhere you haven’t explored before and just be together for a while.

7) Make play dough

You can add some lavender oil to calm everyone down if things are getting chaotic! Here is a nice simple recipe.

8) Make a family jar

Clean out an old jar (our favourite is a coffee jar because it’s nice and big) and ask your kid what they love to do with you. Write these out on little bits of paper and whenever boredom sets in you can open the jar and pick out an idea - instant inspiration! Here are some ideas.

9) Make an obstacle course

If, like us, your kids treat your house like an obstacle course on a daily basis then already know all of the creative ways you can use pieces of furniture and laundry baskets! Here are a few ideas to set up your very own obstacle course at home.

10) Read your favourite book together

One of our team'se'l favourites is Going on a Bear Hunt (yes, you do have to do all the actions). For any of you who have kids returning to school here is a lovely free book that has been written especially for these timesFor kids’ books with characters from diverse backgrounds and experiences, take a look at @diverse_kids_books


Each photo you share on social media of your Indiana Jones adventures will give you a chance to win a year's family membership of Historic Scotland. Simply use the hashtag #TempleOfDoom when posting your photo on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter and we'll reply with details of how to submit your details via our online form which will then enter you into the prize draw. For the competition full terms and conditions, click here.

Download our Summer Dadventure checklist here.

If you would like to take your Summer Dadventure to a whole new level, check out our tenth anniversary 10-for-10 fundraising ideas.

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