Talks & Meetups

Our DADx talks and meet-ups offer those who work with dads and families the opportunity to hear from industry experts, ask questions and discuss their work.

Talks & Meetups

Upcoming DADx Talks

Annual General meeting with Special Guest Eoin Carey

Our chair, Willie Campbell, extends a cordial invitation for you to join the FNS board, team, and guests at our upcoming AGM. We would really value your time as we celebrate our successes and look excitedly to our future ahead.

We'll be joined by guest speaker Eoin Carey, an esteemed Glasgow-based photographer, who has turned his lens to fatherhood through his Father photographic project

It is made with the participation of local fathers and focuses on the tender and tired routines of everyday fatherhood. The project shows fathers with their children in natural, domestic settings and captures the intimacy, stress, play and poetry of parenthood. It playfully looks at parenting from the point of view of fathers and seeks to counter the perceived stereotypes that still remain of fathers being either heroes, incompetent or simply absent, and shows the significance of a father's role in their children's lives.

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Thur  7 December 16:00 

Upcoming DADx Meet- Ups

How do we promote mental health services?

Our recent Dads' Survey revealed that the number of dads experiencing very poor mental health has almost doubled within the last year - the vast majority of dads were simply not aware of what support is available to them.

As we reach the end of Men's Health Awareness Month, we would like to bring the community together to discuss how to get the word out about the excellent mental health support available to dads.

This meetup is an opportunity to share:
- What type of service you provide for dads.
- What successes and challenges have you had getting dads involved?
- How you are managing with current levels of demand.

What are DADx Meetups?
Our meetups are a chance to make new connections with a diverse, friendly community of professionals and researchers working in health, education, social care and criminal justice across Scotland and beyond.

Whether your a practitioner working with dads and families in your local community; a Manager striving to be more father-friendly and inclusive, a researcher or student looking for information or support we would ❤ for you to join us.

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Thur  30 November 13:00 

Missed a DADx - Watch Again!!! 


We have been running DADx Talks since 2020 and now have a great back catalogue of talks from expert academics and practitioners, on subjects as diverse as: Dad Science; Sexual dysfunction and the Internet;  Understanding Suicide Risk and Supporting & Including Young Dads.

You can find the full back catalogue of our DADx recordings together with a whole raft of other videos and resources in the knowledge library of our NEW Professionals HUB.

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