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Playing Catch-Up.

Ok. Now let me get this right. Monday is music lesson for..........then Beavers. Tuesday is swimming for two, which two?......then music for one straight after.............and Wednesday is swimming for one, then Cubs for two straight after..............and all homework has to be done by Thursday ...and you are home late from work 3 days this week, did you say........and then there is Church House Group to be organised for Thursday.....and I would like to escape to the Gym at some point.....and the garage needs clearing out ....and I have a meeting at school that on Tuesday or Wednesday?

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Me and Danny Alexander.

I went to bed last night and he was on the TV explaining what a good deal the public sector pensions are and how hard the Govt is working to make things fair. I got up this morning and he was on the Radio explaining what a good deal the public sector pensions are and how hard the Govt is working to make things fair. It must be thoroughly dull having to cover the same ground over and over again in interview after interview after interview.

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My Father's Bicycle

Against the back fence

In the pouring rain

My Father’s bike.

The ‘Raleigh All-Steel’

Two flat tyres.

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When White Lies Won't Work


“Yes, love?”

Story time is over, and the lights are out - but I’ve noticed my six-year-old son often uses his last waking moments to bowl me the kind of question that might stump a philosophy graduate.

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Remembering Dad.

Raymond Carver – the American short story writer and poet published a book in 1985 called “Fires”. It is a great collection of essays and poems. Included in the book is a wonderful and moving essay called, “My Father’s Life” and a poem entitled, “Photograph Of My Father In His Twenty Second Year.” He says, “The poem was a way of trying to connect with him” long after he had died.

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A Sure Start

Last month three of us contributed to a conference hosted by Sure Start in West Lothian entitled ‘The Invisible Man: working with fathers’.

David Drysdale was first up and his bit on men, fathers and caring was well received. The third was John Roger’s presentation on Mellow Dads and this also went down well with evidence of children being able to return home after work with the father.

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EVENT: Storytelling

Fathers Day Storytelling - a celebration of active fatherhood

Saturday 18th June, 11:00am-4:00pm

at Scottish Storytelling Centre
John Knox House 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR

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Shame and Scandal in the Family

Paternity-tests: nailing the myth

test tubeAt the beginning of February, Boots’ decision to sell paternity-testing kits sparked another round of lazy journalism. This time about a ‘fear’ that fathers will discover their children are not biologically theirs.

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Last Friday evening I went along to the Filmhouse in Edinburgh to see the film Neds. I knew very little about the film other than that it was written and produced by Peter Mullen which is reason enough to watch it.

Set in 1970's Glasgow the story is undoubtedly rooted in it's gritty location and time but tells a universal tale about the crisis of masculinity and the pain of a boy growing up without a father (as well as the usual Scottish themes of drink and class divide).

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Xmas/New Year is over…

Probably it’s just me but now that the Xmas/New Year thing is over, I’m happy. Actually relieved that’s the whole shebang done for another twelve months. It made me wonder what other dads think and do. We know that the pressure on mothers is significant – expectations to be partner, mother, cook, organiser of a memorable experience, not to mention the cleaning up, but what about the dads? That’s the problem though, there are so many types of dads out there.

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