Year of the Dad Conference


YOTDconfcover_Webres.jpgOur sell-out Year of the Dad Conference took place on Friday 12th February 2016 at the University of Edinburgh. You can catch up on sessions you missed, or refresh your memory, by clicking the text and audio links below. Or browse the full conference programme here.

As part of the first ever Year of the Dad in Scotland this conference aimed to create a day of reflection, dialogue and stimulation for academics, policy-makers and practitioners.

We celebrated the positive contribution fathers make to children, families, communities and society as a whole. 

After an overview of families and fathers in Britain, there were four simultaneous streams of conversations: what children need from fathers; what mothers want from fathers; what fathers need at work; and what fathers need in adversity. The afternoon session reflected on these streams and their recommendations, and considered their contribution to Year of the Dad in 2016.


Listen to Audio (mp3) / See presentation slides (pdf)Sam Pringle, David Drysdale, Aileen Campbell


Sam Pringle, Head of Research, Fathers Network Scotland

David Drysdale, CEO, Fathers Network Scotland

Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for Children and Young People

Families in ScotlandLynn Jamieson & Margaret O'Brien

Presentation - Lynn Jamieson, Professor of Sociology, University of Edinburgh and Co-Director Families and Relationships CRFR

The changing role of fatherhood in Britain

Presentation - Margaret O’Brien, Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, University College London



What do mothers want from fathers?Tina Miller, Gideon Burrows, Liz Meenagh, Stuart Valentine

Listen to Audio (mp3) / Read text summary (pdf) / See presentation slides (pdf)

Negotiating the domestic contract: how to make your partner an equal partner - Tina Miller, Professor of Sociology, Oxford Brookes

Men can do it - Gideon Burrows, Author of Men Can Do It

What do mothers want? - Liz Meenagh, Women for Independence

Chaired discussion - Stuart Valentine, CEO, Relationships Scotland


What do fathers need at work?Ingolfur Gislason, Caroline Gatrell, Alison Koslowski, Sarah Jackson

Listen to Audio (mp3) / Read text summary (pdf) / See presentation slides (pdf)

Parental leave in Iceland – how does it work? - Ingolfur Gislason, Professor in Sociology, University of Iceland

The Price of Love - Caroline Gatrell, Professor of Management Studies, Lancaster University Management School

Making the most of workplace entitlements - Alison Koslowski, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh

Chaired discussion - Sarah Jackson, CEO, Working Families


What do children need from fathers? Colin Morrison, Tim Porteus, Gary Clapton, Sarah Morton

Listen to Audio (mp3) / Read text summary (pdf) / See presentation slides (pdf)

What children want from dads - Colin Morrison, Co-Director, Children’s Parliament

Making school dad-friendly – Tim Porteous, Dads Co-ordinator, Midlothian Sure Start; Alison Cameron, Deputy Head, Prestonpans Infant school; Chris Wilson, Teacher, Prestonpans Infant school

What children say they want from dads - Gary Clapton, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Edinburgh

Chaired discussion - Sarah Morton, Co-Director, CRFR


What do fathers in adversity need?Sarah Rogers, Brock Lueck, Alan McMaster, Paul Bradshaw

Listen to Audio (mp3) / Read text summary (pdf) / See presentation slides (pdf)

How can non-resident dads stay connected?  - Sarah Rogers, Children in Scotland

Lone fathers - Brock Lueck, Senior Children and Fathers Worker, One Parent Families Scotland

Mellow dads - Alan McMaster, Mellow Dads Co-ordinator, Mellow Parenting

Chaired discussion - Paul Bradshaw, Group Head of Research, ScotCEN



Stands and poster exhibition (click below for poster pdfs)

Aimee McCullough, PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Brian Gallagher, Doctoral Researcher, Glasgow Caledonian University

Alexandra Macht, Dept of Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Karen Mackay, NHS Highland Infant feeding and Peer Support Service 

Chris Miezitis, Family Nurture Co-ordinator (Family Nurture Approach), Fife Council

Hannah McInnes-Dean, PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Jessica Moran, Student, University of Edinburgh

Kirsten Patterson, Programme Assistant, Mellow Parenting

Raquib Ibrahim, Mellow Bumps Project Co-Ordinator, Mellow Parenting

Sarah Landale, PhD student, Glasgow Calledonian University

Sarah Rogers, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

Susannah Johnston, Research Assistant, University of Edinburgh

Susie Heywood, Health Improvement Senior, Glasgow City CHP

Victoria Earley, PhD student, University of Sheffield 

Haven Circle


Listen to Audio (mp3) / See presentation slides (pdf)

Welcome back

Sam Pringle and special guests The Loud Poets (watch them here or below on YouTube)

What’s good for families?

Feedback on conversation streams by chairs - Stuart Valentine, Sarah Jackson, Sarah Morton, Paul Bradshaw

Now what?

Reflections on the Day from audience and panel Margaret O’Brien, Lynn Jamieson and Gary Clapton

Closing – Sam Pringle