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Conversations With Dads

Do you work with any dads who have children aged 0-5 who would be willing to answer questions about their experience of antenatal/postnatal health services and about their mental health since becoming a dad?

We are collaborating with Maternal Mental Health Scotland on a piece of research that will be presented to the Scottish Government to guide policy and public health work focusing on dads' mental health.

If you think you or your organisation can help us to talk with fathers about these issues, then please email [email protected] We really hope to be able to influence policy to enable new dads to get the mental health and wellbeing support they need across Scotland.

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Work-Family Balance Entitlements

Jessica Moran and Alison Koslowski, University of Edinburgh

Community__Work___Family.pngExploring how employers can support fathers with combining employment and caregiving,

Read as published in Community, Work & Family

Public perceptions of fathers and fatherhood are shifting. The introduction of new family policies by the UK government mirrors these changes, in recognition of a broadening role of UK fathers beyond that of mainly financial provider to also encompass the role of active caregiver. However, overall progress toward more gender equality in parenting has been stalled in part by the lack of a movement to reshape men's work and family life.

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When Workplace Cultures Support Paternity Leave, All Employees Benefit

Alison Koslowski, University of Edinburgh, Harvard Business Review Jun 2018

jun18_13_640044262-1200x675.jpgIn this article in the Harvard Business Review, drawing on research part-funded by Fathers Network Scotland, our partners at the University of Edinburgh survey reasons for slow uptake of flexible working options by fathers in Scotland.

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How was it for you? Dads & Scottish maternity services

Fathers Network Scotland & the Fatherhood Institute

FNS_survey_18_infograph_lr.pngSurvey: How well do Scottish maternity services support dads?

Read the Scottish survey results or infographic or UK-wide results 

The NHS in Scotland is failing to provide the ‘family-centred’ antenatal, maternity or health visitor services required by its own rules and desired by parents, on the evidence of "How was it for you?", a survey of 564 new fathers in Scotland. 

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Fathers at Work

Alison Koslowski and Gitit Kadar-Satat, University of Edinburgh

Community__Work___Family.pngExplaining the gaps between entitlement to leave policies and uptake

Read as published in Community, Work & Family

Why are fathers in Scotland unlikely to use the full range of leave benefits available to them? Taking a capabilities approach allows us to explore the perspective that some fathers may experience an agency gap and thus not have the capabilities to utilise entitlements. 

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Perception is Reality - Dads in SMEs


Cover.pngCultural effects on the uptake of family-friendly policies by fathers in SMEs.

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This research set out to understand how the culture of SMEs (small private organisations with between 50-250 employees) in Scotland impacts on the utilisation of family-friendly policies and what can be done to eliminate any barriers so that more organisations and families can benefit. 

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How Dad-Friendly is Our School?


2017-09-19_(8).jpgThe East Lothian Father-Friendly Schools (ELFFS) project was a pilot study that took place between January and June 2017. 

Read the summary briefing or full report or Father Inclusion Guide for schools

Watch our dad-friendly video tips on YouTube

It was designed and delivered by Prestonpans Infant School with support from DadsWork and Fathers Network Scotland. The University of Edinburgh delivered the research.

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How Employers Can #DadUp

University of Manchester, Lancaster University School of Management, University of Plymouth

Research tells us diversity is good for business, but gender equality in the work place still needs more focus, particularly when it come to working dads.

On June 21 2017, FNS held an event, sponsored & hosted by Lloyds Banking Group, which offered a host of perspectives on How Employers Can #DadUp. The event provided a chance to learn how to create a culture where both fathers and mothers can take leave and use family-friendly policies.

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FNS Dads Survey 2017


Childcare.jpgSCOTLAND'S dads want an equal responsibility in caring for their children and are increasingly sharing roles once stereotyped as women’s work, according to Fathers Network Scotland’s Dads Survey, published in the run-up to Father's Day 2017. 

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Fathers in the Workplace Inquiry


Women_Equalities.jpgIn early 2017, the Women and Equalities Committee of the UK Parliament launched an inquiry as new research revealed that many fathers do not feel supported in the workplace to care for their children.

Fathers Network Scotland was one of a number of organisations and individuals submitting written evidence to shine a light on fathers' experience of balancing work and caring responsibilities. We reported on Scottish fathers' experiences, and suggested several key measures which would improve uptake of shared parental leave and increase gender equality at home and at work.


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