Supporting the Workforce

Supporting the Workforce

Strong relationships at home mean strong engagement at work.

Becoming a father for the first time can be a wonderful experience and also one that presents a new set of challenges. One such challenge is ensuring first time fathers have a healthy work-life balance, one that enables them to develop a strong relationship with their child and and protect their relationship with their partner, whilst engaging effectively at work.

A study sponsored by Working Families in found that work engagement and relationship quality were positively correlated, indicating that strength in relationships at home is associated with strength in relationships and engagement at work. Research looking into the transition into parenthood also shows us that relationships between partners can deteriorate during this period and the child development, and lack of it, is related to this. Finally there is a wealth of literature showing the positive association between the uptake of family-friendly working arrangements and positive outcomes for child and partner relationships during the transition into parenthood; however, it is often mother and not fathers who take up the arrangements.

Taking this literature into consideration, we developed a series of workshops delivered remotely by our interim Co-Director and Programme Lead Chris Miezitis. 

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