The Secret Lives of Working Dads Workshop

This half day workshop provides dads with a playful and safe space to explore the personal and institutional barriers and enablers of balancing work and home commitments.

The Secret Lives of Working Dads Workshop

Integrating work and family life has never been so real as it has been in the last two years, with the majority of families thrown into working, caring from home during the COVID crisis. Families have been flung into new routines, roles and responsibilities.

Previously dads may have experienced what researchers term "father forfeits" which depicts how fathers are perceived when they don’t fit the gendered stereotype of breadwinner, full time working male.

Many men aren’t aware that they share similar concerns and internal conflicts because it’s not something which is routinely shared at work. Until now!

This interactive workshop aims to provide all dads the opportunity to discuss the context of their own personal beliefs alongside societal norms and the behaviours they witness around them. Come along and join this virtual workshop with our interim Co-Director and Programme Lead Chris Miezitis, to better reflect on your own dilemmas and circumstances and consider what you can do to align your actions with your work ambitions and family’s needs.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Build confidence in starting conversations between working dads and their employers
  • Share experiences and challenges of being a working dad with similarly affected people, in a respectful and receptive environment
  • Develop a space for peer support in the workplace
  • Consider how child and family friendly policies in organisations can address dads too, and acknowledge that dads have additional needs and challenges.

Participants told us:

'This workshop will definitely make a positive difference. For me, the major thing I took away was that I was not alone struggling with some of these issues and that other dads also felt the same pressures that I do. It was helpful to hear others’ stories and to talk about mine, in an environment where it was ok to talk about this. I probably wouldn’t talk much about this with other friends normally.'


'The workshop certainly helped me see that the worries, strains and challenges of being a dad (and partner!) are similar for us all.'

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