How was it for you? Dads & Scottish maternity services

Fathers Network Scotland & the Fatherhood Institute

FNS_survey_18_infograph_lr.pngSurvey: How well do Scottish maternity services support dads?

Read the Scottish survey results or infographic or UK-wide results 

The NHS in Scotland is failing to provide the ‘family-centred’ antenatal, maternity or health visitor services required by its own rules and desired by parents, on the evidence of "How was it for you?", a survey of 564 new fathers in Scotland. 

Although almost all of the new fathers were present in maternity services at each stage , the poll by Fathers Network Scotland and the Fatherhood Institute shows that large numbers felt ignored before, during, and after delivery, even though their involvement is central to infant and maternal well-being and is desired by mothers. 

Since 2004, NHS policy requires maternity services to deliver ‘mother-focused and family centred’ care. Pregnant and birthing women typically want their partner with them not only because he is their closest companion but also because he provides continuity of care and support amid stretched NHS services, according to “Who’s the bloke in the room?” a report published by the Fatherhood Institute and funded by the Nuffield Foundation to coincide with the UK-wide survey. 

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Read the Scottish survey results or go to Fatherhood Institute site to read UK-wide results or “Who’s the bloke in the room?” report with Nuffield Foundation.