Dads Survey 2024 - Share Your Voice

Have your voice heard and help us speak up for dads across Scotland! We are looking for dads to share their experience of parenting during these uncertain times.  

Dads Survey 2024 - Share Your Voice

There are well over 400,000 dads with dependent children in Scotland yet their voices often go unnoticed.

Since 2017, Fathers Network Scotland have been asking dads to share their experience of parenting.


We want to speak up for dads during these uncertain times & ensure that the government, public services and employers understand and are better able to support dads and their families.

This short survey will takes only around 5-10 mins to complete and is designed to create an authentic snapshot of Scottish fatherhood, capturing how dads have felt over the last year and what matters to them most.

What you tell us will provide crucial evidence to better advocate for dads and their families and build a better Scotland.

How are you, dads?

Share Your Voice