EVENT: Storytelling

Fathers Day Storytelling - a celebration of active fatherhood Saturday 18th June, 11:00am-4:00pm

EVENT: Storytelling

Fathers Day Storytelling - a celebration of active fatherhood

Saturday 18th June, 11:00am-4:00pm

at Scottish Storytelling Centre
John Knox House 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR

Open to all dads, with or without their children, as well as people who work with dads in a supportive role. Organisations which support the aims of this event are welcome to bring publicity materials and display them at the Storytelling Centre.

Aim of the event

to promote and support storytelling as an important aspect of fatherhood
to celebrate, encourage and support active fatherhood
create a supportive environment in which dads can share their experiences and challenges in relation to their fatherhood
provide support, advice and information for dads
Some dads may be in a painful or difficult situations regarding access to their children, but this event is also aimed to cater for dads in such a situation. The workshops sessions, the “My dad and me..” exhibition, as well as the support and advice on offer, will be something dad’s in this situation will benefit from. However, all dads, will find the day interesting, fun and informative and it is hoped that if possible they will bring along their children for the storytelling and fun activities.

All the storytelling / craft sessions in the bothy are open to everyone, including mum’s partners etc, as this is a public space. However the workshops sessions will be for dads or those who work or support them.

“My dad..” Exhibition
It is planned to have a display of items celebrating fatherhood, including contributions from children of the dads attending. In the weeks before the event we would like organisations who work with dads to help them to work with their children on a picture, poem photo, or whatever, that could be put in the “My dad..” exhibition. This can be anything. A drawing, a nice memory, a funny moment, a habit the dad has, something the child likes about his/her dad…anything that celebrates fatherhood.

The format for the day is as follows:

Workshop 1 “Challenges of fatherhood” a look into what it means to be a dad. Shared perspectives on the challenges we face with our children, what the issues are, how do we respond to them, what support/advice/help is there for us if we need it.

Workshop 2 : “Being a storydad” Storytelling creates a powerful connection between father and child and this workshop will look at ways we can become storydads. Ideas and techniques for stories and storytelling to our children will be introduced, for all dads whatever their situation. Being a storydad can transform your relationship with your child and this workshop help dads to make the best of their skills and interests.

The workshops are open to all dads, but also to people who work with dads in a supportive capacity.

In addition to the workshops there will be storytelling and activities for children and dads. This will be seperate from the workshops and dads who bring their children can decide if they would prefer to stay with them during the storytelling and activity sessions, or attend the workshops upstairs.

The timetable will be approximately:

10.30am- 11am arrival with live music

11am -11.15am introduction with riddles and fun ice breaker activities

11.15-12noon storytelling together. Interactive storytelling session to get both dads and children involved.

12noon- 12.45 break for lunch with live music and a chance to see the exhibition “My Dad and me…”

12.45 -13.45 upstairs: workshop 1 /downstairs in bothy:storytelling

13.45-14.15 break with live music

14.15- 15.15 upstairs :workshop 2 / downstairs in bothy: craft activities and ideas.

15.15-16.00 final session with storytelling, song and final fun activity.

If you would like to get involved in the planning or delivery of this event, then please contact me so that we can arrange a suitable time to meet. The event is free as all the participants are providing their services free of charge.
I can be contacted online at [email protected] or on 07898267139

Tim Porteus