Love Actually.

It's Valentine's day. Hype? A bumper season for florists? There are articles every where about love, from The Guardian Family Section on Saturday where we read about 5 couples who fell in love at first sight and seemed to buck the trend, 'Marry in haste, repent at leisure,' to 'Sense' the RBS Magazine which has emblazoned on the front, 'The Love Issue - The Chemistry of Falling in Love.'

The High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge recently commented that there has been an explosion in communication through the social media and all manner of hand-held technologies. But there is a corresponding breakdown in personal communication. The hardware is everywhere but the software of interpersonal skills is wanting.

Perhaps love, on a daily basis, comes down to something very simple. Daily acts of appreciation, affection and admiration. This is what keeps love alive. And a Father demonstrating this kind of love to his partner will bequeath something very rich to his children too. A good role model. An example which is very likely to repeat itself in the next generation.

Make it Valentine's every day of the year.