Calling Self-Employed Rural Dads!

Take part in new research into self-employed dads living in rural Scotland, with Fathers Network Scotland

Calling Self-Employed Rural Dads!

Rural_DadsFacebook_Shared_Image.pngAre you a self-employed dad living in rural Scotland?

If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences of balancing work and family, for an innovative new research project we’re facilitating in partnership with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Not much is known about the lives of self-employed dads in Scotland, particularly those who live and work away from big cities. Among other things we’re curious to explore:

  • How self-employment impacts your caring responsibilities and work-life balance.
  • How factors such as working environment, work time and available support affect one another.
  • Whether rights to request family friendly working or shared parental leave have any impact for those who are self-employed.
  • How self-employed dads structure their working week and family time – and what additional support is needed to make sure they have access to balanced family friendly working.

If any of that sounds relevant to your working life, we’d love you to contact our researcher Anya so she can arrange a chat. You can email her on [email protected] 

PS If you're not sure if your area is classified as rural, you can consult this Scottish Government Map.