Paternal Mental Health and Covid Recovery

Paternal Mental Health and Covid Recovery


In this DADx talk, Paul Hodkinson and Ranjana Das – of the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey - will summarise findings from a family of qualitative research projects they have conducted for the last few years, on perinatal mental health of new fathers and the nuanced and mixed role that digital technologies play in this regard. They will use insights from their new 2021 book on new fathers’ perinatal mental health (Hodkinson and Das, 2021), to outline an array of ways in which new fathers make use of the internet and social media in their coping journeys with perinatal mental health struggles. They will pay particular attention to “masked” and “hidden” attempts by dads to disclose their suffering to others using a range of digital pathways.

On Thursday 24 March at 10am join us in a slightly belated celebration of International Fathers' Mental Health Day. Together with Paul Hodkinson and Ranjana Das, along with dad and mental health campaigner Scott Mair, we will discuss dads' mental health, and fathers' increasing use of digital media to access support, particularly in a post-Covid world. 

Ranjana Das

Ranjana Das is Reader in Media and Communication in the Department of Sociology and the University of Surrey’s strategic Theme Champion for Technology and Society. Her expertise is in the social uses and consequences of data and digital technologies with a particular recent focus on parenthood. Her latest book is Early Motherhood in Digital Societies (Routledge).

Paul Hodkinson

Paul Hodkinson is Reader in Sociology in the Department of Sociology and an expert in the sociology of youth, fatherhood, and media and communications. Paul’s recent books include Sharing Care: Equal and Primary Carer Fathers and Early Years Parenting (With Rachel Brooks) and New Fathers Mental Health and Digital Communication (with Ranjana Das).

Scott Mair

Scott Mair is a husband, veteran, dad to 7 boys and founder of PMH Support. He set up PMH Support after experiencing paternal mental health issues after traumatic events during deliveries of 3 of his boys which left him with PTSD and anxiety. Finding there was a lack of awareness or real support, he set up PMH Support to promote awareness and educate parents on parental mental health while also offering parenting hints and tips he has picked up during 18 years of parenting. He works locally and nationally speaking to expectant parents at antenatal classes and consults on ways to support dads and partners. He is a member of the Paternal Mental Health Alliance, is peer-to-peer leader trained, a team member of the Perinatal MH training CIC and a qualified Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing Practitioner. 

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June 24, 2021 at 10:00am - 11am

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