Scotland's Official Fathers Day Playlist

Celebrate Father's Day with our official playlist curated by Scottish Dads themselves & packed with the songs they love to sing to their wee ones. Happy Father's Day from the FNS Team!❤️

Scotland's Official Fathers Day Playlist

We asked dads what songs they love to sing to their wee ones. They told us about the feel-good floor fillers, flare flapping rock anthems, and the lullabies that soothe their sleepy babies!

We’re now delighted to reveal Scotland's Official Fathers Day Playlist, a playlist created for dads, by dads!

Check out some of the top songs, where you can listen, and find out the benefits of rocking out with your wee one! What better way to celebrate fathers day than to belt out your favourite tunes and pass on some music memories with the songs you love?

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What songs do dads LOVE sharing with your wee ones?

Nearly half (48%) of the dads who answered in last year's survey revealed that their favourite songs to sing were traditional children nursery rhymes! The most popular tunes, by a mile, were "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." But there were plenty of dads singing and dancing to their own made-up songs, sharing songs special to them, and of course, you can't escape a Disney song or ten!

Want to find out the top nursery rhymes dads love to sing to their wee one? We've teamed up with Scottish Book Trust who have their Father's Day Nursery Rhymes playlist ready to go on the Bookbug App!

As for mainstream music, 42% of dads reinforced what we already knew... DADS ROCK!!! Queen, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones - the classics are definitely there and getting shared with each generation! But there is a huge mix of genres with dads belting out a spot of pop, rock, folk, and musicals, with the most popular song being ‘You are my Sunshine.”.

Here are a few quotes dads shared with us:

Singing: Scientifically Proven to Make You Happy

Babies and young children naturally love music and can start bopping around before they even walk. Singing releases the feel good chemical that makes you happy and helps you bond. And recent research has even shown that babies prefer dads signing to mums!