Summer Family Adventure

We know it can be tricky to come up with fun things to do with kids over the summer that don’t cost the earth. That’s why we've created seven FREE holiday activity packs to help you and your little-ones Splash, Munch, Journey and Go Wild together.

Summer Family Adventure

Summer is here! Time to go wild with your wee ones.

For each week of the holidays we have created a themed 3 page adventure pack to help you and you’re kids (5 and under), learn, read and most importantly, have fun together.

Each pack has 3 pages of:

  • Low-cost or free activities the whole family can get get involved with
  • Books to read together. 
  • Useful links and tips to help you get the most of each weeks adventure.

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2022-FNS-Family-Adventure-Activity7_P1-360px.jpg5 August ADVENTURE 7 - FEELINGS

In the final week of the Summer Family Adventure, how do you FEEL? 😀😎🤔😫😞😭😜What can you hear? What would you put in your very own holiday memory jar? Let your worries go... download this week's activity pack to enjoy with your little ones

Download Adventure 7


2022-FNS-Family-Adventure-Activity6_P1-360px.jpg29 July ADVENTURE 6 - JOURNEY

It's time to JOURNEY on a fantastical train 🚂 , go on a treasure hunt🗺, and enjoy games on the go🚐 🚕 🚗 🚙 🚚 🚲

Download Adventure 6


2022-FNS-Family-Adventure-Activity5_P1-360px.jpg22 July ADVENTURE 5 - SQUEAK & ROAR

This week SQUEAK AND ROAR your way to the best animal impressions 🐇🐒🐂🐈🦃🐍🐝, wacky animal races, and make your very own bug hotel!


Download Adventure 5



Let's IMAGINE telling ☁cloud stories ☁, being our own superhero, and enjoying a bedtime stories outdoors 📖!

Download Adventure 4


It's week 3 of the Summer Family Adventure! This week, MUNCH 😋 your way through great activities like baking a cake, growing a crazy cress-head, and making a mud kitchen!


Download Adventure 3


Are you ready to make a BIG SPLASH? On this weeks adventure go puddle jumping, play sharks & minnows, find out what noise rockpools make and explore the deep sea on a submarine adventure.


Download Adventure 2

2022-FNS-Family-Adventure-Activity1_P1-360px.jpg24 Jun ADVENTURE 1 - GO WILD

This week, have an adventure in nature!!!! Go on a minibeast hunt, get arty with outdoor treasure, or follow in the footsteps of native Americans by making a journey stick.


Download Adventure 1

2022-FNS-Family-Adventure-Grownups.jpgSTUFF FOR GROWN-UPS

The power of playful parents

Children are born scientists and explorers. Watch children play and you’ll see them experiment, imagine, work together, and overcome emotional ups and downs. They’re learning. And they’re picking up the skills to thrive today and flourish tomorrow. Playing together empowers children to become creative, engaged, life-long learners. But that’s not all, you also create a loving connection that helps children become happier grown-ups. You don’t need lots of time or fancy toys, all you really need is attention and imagination. By blowing soap bubbles, splashing in a puddle or turning a snack into a smiley face you’ve already put more play into your day.

Lots of the summer adventures are outside, and although we know Scottish weather can be a bit…well...unpredictable, outdoor play gets kids active and lets their imaginations run wild. It’ll help them stay healthy, have fun and stop them bouncing off the walls at home, the fresh air even helps them sleep. Getting outside is just as important for grown-ups’ physical and mental health, too! together.

Reading Together
Sharing books and stories with your little one is the first step in building a love of reading. It also helps develop early communication and language skills, and like playing, spending time cuddled up and sharing a story together builds bonds.

Each adventure pack has ideas for some fun books to read together. All the books we picked have been included in the Scottish Book Trust ‘Bookbug’ and ‘Read, Write, Count’ bags gifted to children across Scotland each year. 

If you don’t have a book your local library will have a copy. Local libraries are a wonderful, free resource for readers and writers of all ages, and lots of the Bookbug sessions are held at them. You can find your nearest library and Bookbug session HERE.

Download Stuff for Grown-ups