Summer Family Adventure

Seven weeks of FREE summer family fun.

Summer Family Adventure

We know it can be tricky to come up with fun things to do with kids over the summer that don’t cost the earth.

That’s why we've created seven FREE holiday activity packs to help you and your little-ones Splash, Munch, Journey and Go Wild together.


Summer is here! Time to go wild with your wee ones.


This week, have an adventure in nature!!!! Go on a minibeast hunt, get arty with outdoor treasure, or follow in the footsteps of native Americans by making a journey stick.

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What is the Summer Family Adventure?

For each week of the holidays we have created a themed 3 page adventure pack to help you and you’re kids (5 and under), learn, read and most importantly, have fun together.

Each pack has: 

Activities the whole family can get get involved with like minibeast hunts, a submarine adventures or growing crazy cress heads - we made sure that all the activities are very low-cost or free.

Books to read together. We’ve used the Bookbug and Read, Write, Count books gifted to children across Scotland to inspire each adventure. There are some fun books to read together and easy writing and counting activities each week. 

Useful links and tips. To help you get the most of each weeks adventure we compiled a list of some of our favourites resource.   

Find out more about the Family Summer Adventure, The power of playful parents, and why reading is so important to your kids.


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