News from David Drysdale

David shares his latest book recommendation...Fathers Network Scotland co-founder and CEO DAVID DRYSDALE sends an update from hospital with exciting news about both family and FNS changes... 

Thanks to all of you for your best wishes over the past 7 months as I’ve undergone treatment for cancer. I’m now entering the rehab phase to work with my paralysis, and you may not have heard, but I’m also preparing for the birth of my second child (a daughter!) in a few weeks’ time!

So I’m extra grateful for the support Fathers Network Scotland has given me from day one – and of course it’s particularly awesome to be working for an organisation that recognises the importance of generous paternity leave (6 weeks! Well, we are trying to model this stuff, aren’t we?!)

I’ll find out in December how successful the treatment has been but I’m looking forward to the end of chemo and a phased return to work early in 2016 in time to play an active part in Year of the Dad, having followed its progress closely from hospital.


In the meantime I’m delighted that my colleague, Sam Pringle, who’s  been co-chair of our board for the past two years and more recently headed up our research, has been appointed and is stepping up to become Interim CEO.

Thanks Sam, I can’t think of a more passionate and professional person to take the reins as we head into this momentous year!

I hope you’re all having a good autumn and it’d be great to hear how you’re going to participate in Year of the Dad.