Recent DADx Talks

Our DADx sessions offer those who work with dads and families the opportunity to hear from industry experts, ask questions and discuss their work. You can find out our upcoming DADx sessions here, and join our Facebook group for dads' and families' support workers here

Previous DadX Talks

Paternal Mental Health and Covid Recovery

Baby Loss Retreat

Children's Parliament: Children's Human Rights & the Unfearties

Dads' Survey 2021: The Results & Panel Discussion

The Reward Foundation: Screen Time and the Adolescent Brain

Dr Andy Mayers: Meeting Mental Health Challenges for New Dads

Serenity Family Law: Negotiating Shared Care For the Benefit of Children

The Reward Foundation: Sexual Dysfunction and the Internet


Alex McClintock, Andy's Man Club: It's Okay to Talk


Graham Goulden: Domestic violence, What is the Societal Response?


Dr Mairi Macleod: Why a Pro-Fathering Culture Benefits Everyone 


Ryan Warren, Home-Start Glasgow South: Engaging with Dads During Lockdown


Alastair Williamson, Shared Parenting Scotland: Shared Parenting During the Pandemic