Are you holding an event that welcomes dads as parents? A conference you’d like fathers to attend, or a fun day where dads can bring their children and families? Let us know about events, activities and training around fatherhood in Scotland and we’ll publicise it for you here.

That means if you’re looking for dad-flavoured events, this is the place to find out about them! Use our listings below to see what’s happening – and reserve your place

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Past events

AGM - Newborn Dads: from invisible to visible

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 at 12:30 PM · 57 rsvps
Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Join us for Fathers Network Scotland's AGM on Tue 30th October in The Lantern at Glasgow Caledonian University

The AGM will be an opportunity not only to reflect on the past year and explain the upcoming changes within the organisation but also share our focus for the next year.

This year there will be a particular focus on what dads need before, during and after childbirth and the difference they can make to childhood outcomes.We have lined up some inspiring speakers to share their experiences and views including Adrienne Burgess CEO, Fatherhood Institute, Donna Brough from the Perinatal Team at NHS Ninewells and Kate Magumese - Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor in Fife.



Registration, networking & buffet lunch 


Fathers Network Scotland – Welcome and year at a glance 

Willie Campbell - Chair, FNS


Who’s Bloke in the Room – Nuffield Report

Adrienne Burgess - CEO, Fatherhood Institute


Including Dad @ Ninewells - Small changes making a big difference

Donna Brough - Perinatal Team NHS Ninewells


Break and facilitated table discussions - So what? Now What?


Understanding Dad - Taster session

Chris Miezitis - Understanding Dad Programme Lead, FNS


How are you dad? – How can Health Visitors include dad?

Kate Magumese - Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor, NHS Fife


What’s next for FNS

Dave Devenney - Head of Programmes, FNS


Panel Q&Q

Adrienne Burgess, Donna Brough, Kate Magumese, Chris Miezitis


Thank you and Close

Willie Campbell - Chair, FNS

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whos the bloke in the room

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 at 09:30 AM
Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh , United Kingdom


Join us for a round table discussion on Wednesday 31st October, from 9:30-11:30 in The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh.

The meeting will be an opportunity to hear from Adrienne Burgess CEO of the Fatherhood Institute and author of the Nuffield Foundation Review on Fathers during pregnancy and at the birth in the UK titled 'Who's the bloke in the room?

Adrienne will share the evidence used to develop the report and discuss the six recommendations identified to include fathers in maternal services. 

We will then have a facilitated discussion on how these recommendations fit with the Scottish Governments:'The Best Start: A Five-Year Forward Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Care in Scotland recommendations and agree any further actions to take forward. 





 Who's the bloke in the room? - Nuffield Foundation Review Recommendations

 Adrienne Burgess - Author and CEO Fatherhood Institute 


 Round table discussion


 Feedback and Actions




how are you dad?

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 at 09:30 AM
Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh , United Kingdom


Join us on Wednesday 28th November, from 9:30-11:30 in The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh for our 'How are you Dad?' initial Advisory Group Meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to explain the project, share the training material, plan the delivery and explore how to measure the impact of this pilot.

About the Project

Funded by Scottish Government Improving Health and Well Being Fund the project is to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. An increased understanding by practitioners and NHS maternity staff of fathers’ perinatal mental health, and the impact this has on children and families.
  2. More dads being asked about their mental health.
  3. More mums and dads will be aware of importance of their mental health including postnatal paternal depression & Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in men.
  4. More dads accessing support for their poor mental health.
  5. NHS staff and key 3rd sector staff will be able to up-skill and support their colleagues so that this training is ongoing and sustainable.

Our partner Fathers Reaching Out will be delivering this project with our Understanding Dad Programme Lead Chris Miezitis.

Who will be attending

There will be representation from Scottish Government Maternal Health, Royal College of Midwifery, Maternal Mental Health Forum, Cross Reach, Health Improvement & Equality Officers, evaluation expert and other interested parties.





 How are you Dad? 

 Mark Williams - Author of 'Daddy Blues, post natal depression in fatherhood' and founder of Fathers Reaching Out

 Chris Miezitis - Understand Dad Project Lead, FNS


 Round table discussion


 Feedback and Actions




190207 Cattanach mtg Q1

Thursday, 07 February 2019 at 10:30 AM
The Mews in Edinburgh , United Kingdom



This event on the 7th February at the Mews in Edinburgh will be an opportunity for you to reflect on the journey of your dads project so far, and share your insights and impact it is making with the other members of the group and the Cattanach Board.

In the morning we will be joined by Ian Maxwell from Families Need Fathers, who we have a very close working relationship with FNS. FNF support dads, mums and grandparents to have personal contact and meaningful relationships with their children following parental separation. They offer information, advice and support services helping parents to achieve a positive outcome for their children. Ian will explain the the work FNF does and will be able to help you to explore how you can support dads and their families going through seperation.

The morning session will then be followed with a lunch where you can meet and chat with the Cattanach Board more informally.

In the afternoon each of the Dads Project will do a short presentation explaining the work that they do and the impact that it makes to dads and their families. After the presentation there will be a few minutes for the audience to ask questions and find out more.

To round up the day you will have a chance to reflect on any challenges that you face with your dads work and use the group to find solutions.




10.30     Coffee and registration

10.45     Welcome Introductions and catch up on whats new for Fathers Network Scotland (Dave Devenney)  

11.00     Families Need Fathers - Supporting dad following separation (Ian Maxwell)
11.30     Supporting dads with following separation discussion

12.00    Lunch

12.30     3 x Dads Group Presentations 
13.00     3 x Dads Group Q&As

13.10     2 x Dads Group Presentations
13.30     2 x Dads Group Q&As

13.40    Break

13.50     3 x Dads Group Presentations 
14.20     3 x Dads Group Q&As

14.30     2 x Dads Group Presentations
14.50     2 x Dads Group Q&As

15.00    Break

15.10     Round Up and challenges you face in your practice
15.30     What you would like from FNS during 2019?

15.45    Close


International Women's Day - How dads can impact gender equality **now full**

Friday, 08 March 2019 at 09:30 AM
Morton Fraser in Edinburgh , United Kingdom


This International Women's Day join Fathers Network Scotland and Business In The Community Scotland. This event will be an opportunity to examine the current evidence and thinking around parental leave and how it can lead to greater gender equality at home and at work.

We are delighted to be able to welcome a number of international experts on leave policy. They will be providing insight into how business, the public sector and third sector approach the implementation of leave policy so that both men and women benefit. 

Chaired by Alan Thornburrow Scotland Director of Business in the Community 


        Registration, refreshments and networking 



  • Maggie Moodie (Chair of Morton Fraser LLP

        Kaammini Chanrai (Gender Research and Policy Manager of Business in the Community

  • What's important to employees balancing caring and work in Scotland - Equal Lives Report Scotland 


Panel interview*

  • How does dads taking leave promote gender equality - what does the international evidence say? 



        What works in Scotland?

  • AVIVA - what does a gender neutral policy look and feel like? 

        Julie Cowther - Employee Relations & Policy Consultant and working dad Matthew Kennedy


        What have you tried in the workplace?

  • Delegates opportunity to their experiences 

        Closing remarks 

  • Fulton MacGregor MSP  

        Lunch & Networking 




* Panel interview with:

Peter Moss  Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision at UCL institute of Education, University College London, and co-founder of the International Network on Leave Policies and Research. 

Ann-Zofie Duvanderis Professor of Demography at the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University and one of the coordinators of International Network on Leave Policies and Research. 

Alison Koslowski  Professor of Social Policy and Research Methods at the University of Edinburgh, and co-editor of the annual International Review on Leave Policies and Related Research.  

We are grateful to Morton Fraser for sponsoring this event and providing a wonderful space to network and have lunch. 


190627 Cattanach mtg Q2

Thursday, 27 June 2019 at 10:30 AM
Home-Start Glasgow North in Glasgow , United Kingdom

This full day event will be split into three parts.

The morning will be lead by our hosts Home-Start Glasgow North, they will talk a bit about their service and we will get a chance to have a look at the Children's Wood. Summer in Scotland means that could mean flip- flops or wellies - so have a look at the forecast to make sure that you are equipt with suitable clothes & footwear.  

After the break we will hear from Ryan - who runs a dads group in Home-Start Glasgow South. Then Chris will give you a taster of the "How are you Dad?" pilot we have been rolling out, and fill you in on the impact it has been having, and what we hope will happen next.

After lunch we will be welcoming stand up comedian William Clark, who's kids provided him with the impetus to beat drug addiction and turn over a new leaf after a stint in prison. To round up the day you will have a chance to reflect on any challenges that you face with your dads work and use the group to find solutions. We will be taking a look at inclusion and integration and what we should be striving for with our dads work.


10:30   Coffee and Registration
10:45   Welcome - Dave Devenney 
10:55   A bit about Glasgow Home-Start North - Nikki O'Harra 
11:15   Tour of the 'Children's Woods'
11:45   Break 
12:00   Dads Work at Glasgow Home-Start South - Ryan Warren
12:30   How are you dad? - Understanding Paternal Mental Health - Training Taster 
13:00   FNS Dad's Mental Health Survey findings - what can we do in our practice
13:30   Lunch (+ Film from the last Cattanach Meeting)
14:00   William Clark's Story of Being a Dad
14:30   Challenges in your practice
15:00   Close 


AGM - Supporting New Dads Mental Health

Thursday, 21 November 2019 at 12:00 PM
City of Glasgow College in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Please join us for Fathers Network Scotland's AGM on Thursday 21 November 2019 at City of Glasgow College (Riverside Campus).

The AGM will be an opportunity find out about our work over the last 12 months, get involved with the conversation about dads' mental health and be the first to hear about what we have in store for the next year.


Mental illness during pregnancy and the first year after birth is really common, affecting up to one in five women.

But the impact of such a life changing event can also affect the mental and physical health of fathers and other partners. We know that between 5% and 10% of fathers develop mental health problems during the perinatal period and that this can in turn affect the mother and infant. So this year we will be focusing on how we can support new dads' mental health before, during and after the birth and get it right for every child. 

We have lined up some inspiring speakers to share their expertise, experiences and views including: Dr. Roch Cantwell, Scottish Perinatal Mental Health Network Lead Clinician; Michelle Guthrie, Senior Mental Health Manager, NHSGGC and Ross Duns, Engineering Technician at Hitachi, mental health first aider and 'How Are You Dad?' attendee.



Registration, networking & buffet lunch 


Fathers Network Scotland – Welcome and year at a glance 

Willie Campbell - Chair, FNS


How Are You Dad? – Report and Recommendations

Chris Miezitis - Workforce Development Lead, FNS


Caring for the mental health of Scotland's new mums and dads  

Dr. Roch Cantwell - Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, NHSGGC & Scottish Perinatal Mental Health Network Lead Clinician


Better together - NHS and third sector partnership working to improve perinatal mental health 

Michelle Guthrie - Senior Health Improvement, NHSGGC


Refreshment break & facilitated table discussions


What’s next for Fathers Network Scotland - next year at a glance

Dave Devenney - Director, FNS


In conversation with Ross Duns – Supporting new dads' mental health

Ross Duns - Dad, Engineering Technician and Mental Health First Aider at Hitachi Rail


Panel Q&A - So what? Now what?

Dr. Roch Cantwell, Michelle Guthrie, Ross Duns, Chris Miezitis


Thank you and Close

Willie Campbell - Chair, FNS

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