Building a father-friendly world

When fathers are involved in the life of their children it benefits the child, the family and society as a whole.

  • Celebrate YEAR OF THE DAD

    Year of the DadResearch overwhelmingly shows how children and women benefit from the positive involvement of fathers.

    So we’re issuing a rallying cry to make 2016 unforgettable as Year of the Dad - a celebration of fatherhood and the importance of fathers in child development and parenting.

    Already, employers and service providers who support dads are discovering a win-win outcome as new shared parenting legislation opens up unprecedented opportunities for equality in both home and workplace.

    So what will you do to push forward this historic culture-shift?

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  • Latest blog posts

    Launch of New Dads Workshops

    shutterstock_237839584.jpgBecoming a dad is amazing, rewarding and challenging. So in National Work Life Week, we're proud to unveil our new dads workshops – successfully piloted this year to help employers support first-time fathers.

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    The Story So Far - AGM 2016
    Thanks to all those who came along to our AGM this week. It was great to have the opportunity to share a little of the...
    David Drysdale's Funeral
    Following the death of our CEO David Drysdale on Monday 4th July, his family have announced that his funeral will be at 4.00 pm on Friday...

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Welcome to the FNS Directory of father-friendly groups and organisations in Scotland! This is the place to connect with organisations, professionals and volunteer groups working with dads and families across the country.

Looking for a playgroup in your area which welcomes dads? Do you need support, advice or information as...

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