Figuring Out Fatherhood Workshops - Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Free workshops for new and expectant dads in the Highlands.

Figuring Out Fatherhood Workshops - Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Becoming a dad will change your life...

It’s one of the most rewarding and difficult journeys you will ever go on.

As well as tuning in to how your partner is coping, you may also feel worried about how you will deal with becoming a parent.

It’s important that you listen and respond to these thoughts and feelings.

Get equipped with the tools you'll need to look after yourself and your family.

Are you a new or expectant dad living in Glasgow? Join us for a FREE 90-minute workshop facilitated by Scott Mair - Head of Training and Community at Fathers Network Scotland.

The workshop has been designed to help you understand:

  • How dads brains and bodies change during pregnancy
  • Why your involvement really matters to your children
  • How your mental health might be affected by becoming a dad
  • Some of the warning signs of poor mental health to look out for
  • What local support is available for you and your family if you need it


Book a Place Below:

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(At the end of the workshop there will be a chance to ask Scott any questions you might have about becoming a dad).

With over 20 years’ experience as a parent of seven children, Scott uses everything he’s learnt to help prepare dads and partners on their journey into parenthood. He has also faced struggles with his own mental health when becoming a dad so truly understands some of the challenges and hardships that dads face and what they need. Now considered an expert in his field he regularly speaks as ambassador for dads on an international stage. 

The workshop is based on a successful training programme developed for professionals working with young families. Since 2018 we’ve helped more than 1,800 professionals understand and support new dads. During that time we have often been told that dads should learn from us directly. 

To find out more contact our trainer Scott Mair: 

[email protected]

Becoming a Dad Leaflet

Download our leaflet with helpful tips, and useful links to support nationally



Figuring Out Fatherhood has been made possible as a result of the kind support from: