The Reward Foundation

The Reward Foundation is a pioneering educational charity that looks at the science behind sex and love relationships. The brain’s reward system evolved to drive us to natural rewards such as food, bonding and sex to promote our survival.

Today, technology has produced ‘supernormal’ versions of those natural rewards in the form of junk food, social media and internet pornography. Our brains have not evolved to cope with the overstimulation this has caused. Society is experiencing an epidemic of behaviourial disorders and addictions that threaten our health, development and happiness.

At the Reward Foundation we focus in particular on internet pornography. We look at its impact on mental and physical health, relationships, attainment and criminality. We aim to make the supporting research accessible to non-scientists so that everyone can make informed choices about the use of internet pornography. We look at the benefits of quitting porn based on research and the reports of those who have experimented with quitting it. We offer guidance on building resilience to stress and addiction.