Fife Gingerbread - dad & me Levenmouth

Fife Gingerbread - dad & me Levenmouth

Dad & Me Early Days

This initiative is for new Dads with children 3 years and under. Dads are often invisible to early years services and our experience tells us that fathers need access to services and peer groups that help them to develop positive attachments with their children so that they can meet their needs. 

The focus of the initiative is upon bonding and attachment using an asset-based approach.  We build upon the father’s knowledge and understand of their child’s needs both physically and emotionally.  The work offers activities for fathers and their children that create peer support for them and support them to participate in their local community – it provides the resources that are adaptable to meet each dad’s needs and focus on stress and resilience, so that they can be the best father that they can be in their child’s early life. 

The workers actively promote the voice of dads and encourage them to participate in activities that support this.

Contact Fife Gingerbread for more information about the project and how to get involved! 01333 303124 / [email protected]