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NHS_photo_lores.jpgWant to make your service more father-friendly? Here’s how.

A great dad can make all the difference to children’s well-being, confidence and educational attainment. Research overwhelmingly shows that children, families and society as a whole benefits from the positive involvement of fathers or “The Dad Effect”.

We believe we’re at a tipping point. Over the past 50 years we have seen striking cultural changes from a time when many dads weren’t even at their children’s births, to the present-day reality where 98% are at the birth and millions of father figures are fully involved in a nurturing / caring role. The old stereotype of the male breadwinner and disciplinarian no longer serves us in an age of increasing diversity and equality at home, work and throughout society.

Services for children and families will deliver their best when they involve dads in child development, welfare and protection. Happier and more connected dads, children and families makes a better world for all of us

Who benefits from a Dad Friendly Services?

  • Children: Research overwhelmingly shows that children are more likely to be smarter, healthier and happier if their dads are positively involved.
  • Women: Who rightly expect a good dad to be involved in birth plans, child care and decision-making about children.
  • Dads: Who overwhelmingly want more involvement in the lives of their children.


Dad-Friendly Training

We are currently offering a FREE half day workshop that aims to enable participants to consider the implications of their practice on the role of fatherhood. 

Find out more about our

Understanding Dad Training

and our

How Are You Dad? Training

or contact our trainer Chris Miezitis direct


Dad-Friendly Directory

Our directory of dad-friendly groups and organisations is the place to connect with organisations, professionals and volunteer groups working with dads and families across the country. To Visit or Join our Dad-Friendly Directory




Fact Sheets

What does Father-Inclusive mean?
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Why it’s time for your service to engage more effectively with dads

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Engaging with Dads

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Developing services for diverse dads

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Creating a father-inclusive team

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Father-Proofing Guidance for Marketing and Communications

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The biggest myths about dads

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Where’s Dad Too? – Father proofing your work
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Here’s Dad (Review of Father Inclusive Service, resource and support)

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Dad Matters

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Father-Child Relationships & Children’s Wellbeing

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Case Studies

West Lothian Dads2B

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