Building a father-friendly world


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Fathers In The Early Years

Dr Gitit Kadar-Satat & Dr Alison Koslowski, University of Edinburgh

This is the summary of a report of the key findings and recommendations following a research project exploring how working fathers in Scotland balance their work and family life. The full report will be published in May.

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Dad Matters

Dr Gary Clapton, Fathers Network Scotland

Gary Clapton has a look at the evidence around why dads are important in the lives of their children.

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Dads2b Resource Pack

Michelle Davidson & Kerry Cooper, Children in Scotland / NHS Lothian / NCT Scotland / Fathers Network Scotland

A resource for professionals providing antenatal education and support to fathers... to increase fathers’ skills and confidence to care for their baby; to support their partners through childbirth; and to highlight issues of mental health and wellbeing. 

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Scottish Fathers and the Labour Market

Stephen Overell, Working Families / Fathers Network Scotland

What evidence exists suggests Scotland has been slow to adopt flexible working. There are fewer flexible working options available in Scotland than elsewhere; and employees value flexibility less than in other areas of the UK.

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Where's Dad?

Dr Gary Clapton, Fathers Network Scotland

"Father-Proofing Your Work" - A consensus is emerging that we now need to move from having to prove the value of fathers to designing services that include rather than exclude them, thus the use of the term ‘father-proofing’. 

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Working Better With Fathers

Andrew Gardiner, Fathers Network Scotland

The Scottish Government supported Fathers Network Scotland to gather the views and experiences of agencies and individuals delivering children and family services to initiate a dialogue around the needs of fathers and their families. 

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