Building a father-friendly world

Building on YEAR OF THE DAD

Year of the DadResearch overwhelmingly shows how children and women benefit from the positive involvement of fathers.

So we issued a rallying cry to make 2016 unforgettable as Year of the Dad - a celebration of fatherhood and the importance of fathers in child development and parenting.

Already, employers and service providers who support dads are discovering a win-win outcome as new shared parenting legislation opens up unprecedented opportunities for equality in both home and workplace.

And thousands of you signed up to push forward this historic culture-shift.

Isn't it time the world learned more about the benefits of supporting dads?

Join us as we dispel outdated myths about dads and celebrate the unsung multitudes already embracing their potential as caregivers and role models at the centre of their children’s lives.

We'll continue to roll out a range of events and resources in the wake of this collaborative celebration - because the culture shift is only just beginning!

Find out more about what happened in Year of the Dad!

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